Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Love is Sweeter the second time around

They say that there is always room for the second chance to be happy, finding the right man (after being failed of the previous relationship)and a second chance to make a good decision.
I never been succeeded in my previous marriage since he was died of Renal Disease. Our marriage took only for 1 year and those were more on companionship, we never experienced a normal relationship like dating, going out with friends and have fun since he was on a dialysis the time we started our relationship. It was a constant feeling. The decision of committing myself to him was became complicated. It made hard feelings between me and my parents...some people were saying that its foolishness to commit myself to an illed man but my reason was to give happiness for the last time he stayed here on earth. I had hope that he can survived but he wasnt.. so in a year i lost him and i was back being a single again.
For the second time being single again makes a lot of difference. It makes me more serious in life and made having a fearful feelings of committing myself again. Thanks to my dearest friends and my beloved parentswho lift up my spirit and boost my confidence and encouraged me to find the right man.
Yes... with determination and confidence i found now my soul mate, my bestfriend and a husband that i can be with in this journey of life.
We wed May 19th of 2007 and exchange our "I do's" around 4:18pm at Arch of the Angel Chapel in reno, Nevada. It was a simple wedding and yet very memorable for us. Now, we are looking forward for 5 years to renew our vows...I believe now that there is always a second chance if we have determination and faith in God seeking what we want and to achieve the goal that we set.
...Live life to the fullest for we only live once....