Friday, August 15, 2008

Going for a camping

We will be going for our camping today. As usual i been very busy for the past few days putting stuff on a fifth wheel. Will be going to Trinity Lake and only an hour and half away here in Redding. It will be more fun since the campsite has amenities like pool and it will be perfect since the weather here is really extremely hot. I will post some pictures when we get back. Have a nice weekend to everybody!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Puppy love

I never thought that I could become emotional attached with our puppy, since we got her, I took care of her really like a real baby, giving her bath, feeding and take her for a walk almost everyday. The hardest part of it is doing a house training, by this training I really kept my eyes on her most of the time so I can bring her outside to do potty and pee. Those are rewarded now coz she really make her things outside our house, every time she she needs; she will whine facing our backdoor. Having a dog needs more patience and understanding. With this I can relate the book that I am reading it is all about the Life’s lessons from a man’s bestfriend. It is very interesting coz as I go on along with the pages I can relate more to it and able to understand the nature of a dog.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Approve by PPP

i just came home from doing errands for my mother-in law and then have a late lunch, after doing things, i find time to sit in front of the computer again making blog hopping. Then i remember that i have to check my e-mail to see if i have an email from PayPerPost; then to my surprised they sent me saying that they approved my blog entry. I was so excited! For me it means that if we have determination and patient then we can really achieve what we wanna be.

Feeling sad today

I felt sad today because my husband left for Los Angeles doing a pre-bid job walk. Some other time he is always on the trip and be gone for three days, at first it was hard on my part, I am not used of being alone by myself but later on I learned to adjust myself .

The beauty of nature

1. Crater lake, Oregon

2. Lake Almanor, Chester

3. Shasta Lake, Shasta City

4. Howard Prailey Lake, Oregon

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mexican Foods

Taco and burrito are one of my husband’s favorite Mexican foods. Those foods are top of my recipe. My first reaction for refried beans was I felt so gross because of the smell; it has a smell that similar to body odor...(yucks!!)But still I tried it. In my thoughts, dried fish has stronger aroma but still yummy so as the beans, but later on I began to love it especially in my burritos or a side dish. Fajitas are also the best. Makes me hungry now guys!!


Almost everyday I kept on thinking of what kind of recipe I am going to make. My husband is American so I have to consider his taste when it comes to food. But luckily there is no much problem with our taste. He is not so picky and so I am and preparing foods for him is not that hard on my part. But since the recipes that I am familiar to cook with is not much available here, I have to look for some recipe on a cookbook, magazines or in the internet, somehow I able to find some recipes that we like and click to our taste.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am not a chocolate lover but when it comes to See’s Candies I cannot resist to eat more, I really love this chocolate milk with almond, I tried some of imported chocolates but this one is simply the best. And for the meantime while waiting for my husband doing his videogame I am having a chocolate. It so yummy!

Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay

Sundial bridge at Turtle Bay is a beautiful, unique pedestrian bridge that crosses the Sacramento river and connects the nationally-designated trail system in Redding, California. It is beautiful because of its aqua-green, opaque glass deck; The designer of the bridge is a world-known architect Santiago Calatrava, to him the bridge resembles a bird in flight, and symbolizes the overcoming of adversity.

Exploring Shasta Lake

Shasta LAke is part of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It was created by damming three major rivers, the Sacramento, Mccloud and Pitt rivers. In the 1940s, the dam became the center for the Central Valley Project, and Shasta Dam became the second largest dam in the United States, with 6.5 million cubic yards of concrete, standing 602 feet tall and spanning more than 3,000 feet.

Last camping for summer

We will be having our last summer camping this coming weekend at the Trinity Lake. This time will going for a fifth-wheel and not the tent camping anymore. The campground has amenities like swimming pool, banana ride, and ping-pong. I have not been in this place yet but I am definitely sure that it is fun and exciting.

Rice to Potatoe?

Rice is the staple food for every Filipinos, in every meal there is always rice on the table, steamed or fried rice is the common way of making rice. Nowadays people were thinking if how they can survive for daily life when the basic food which is rice has a skyrocketing price. People are struggling because of the economy crisis, and now there is an opinion that Filipino people might turn to bread or potato for a rice.

Another day

It is another new week once again and i am getting busy around the house doing chores, well this my daily routine since i got here with my husband. I will be all alone again for the coming days since my husband will be going to Southern California for a job walk. thinking what to do, maybe go shopping, huh?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to Learn on blogging

I am a member of a forum called WOF in short and was at Bisaya Section when somebody posted about making a blog and how to earn on it. I got my interest and I chatted with Gladys and asked heron how to do it. Since then I made some articles about my new life here and some of my daily activities. Later on I became discontented with the outlook of my blog site so I kept on changing the templates but still it looks boring to me. So asked again another friend from the forum, her name is Flor, and as usual she shared again her knowledge about it, so another gathered information. But today I happened to make a Link from other bloggers but I could not make it so I find way to fix the problem but still I cant solve it, so I decided to browse on the forum again to find posts about bloggers, then I found one and she gave he YM, so I added her and asked her if she can help me, so she did! She re-do my blog site and I was so happy. I am so glad to find a person who share their knowledge and help to the best of their ability. God Bless you All!!!!

Some necessary things

I noticed that this year we so much expenses. We purchased a used KIA 2007 model. It is necessary for me to have a car so I can drive around whenever I need something or if I can have a job, then after passing my road test and got my driver’s license I still need to get an insurance which cost again another bucks. We had our vacations at Philippines for seven days, it is so short but worthwhile anyway. Then summer came; we had our camping, vacation at Disneyland, a short weekend trip at Oregon and now for the coming weekend we will be going for a camping. Just yesterday we bought a water heater tank since our old tank ruptured and we cannot just ignored it but needed to replace it right away so we can use hot water. These expenses I think is upsetting but we don’t have a choice since some are really necessary, so now we keep on budgeting and no shopping for awhile.

Friday, August 8, 2008


When there is so much food it is so hard to stick on a diet. I and my husband really need to go on diet to lose weight. We are doing only 2 meals; breakfast and lunch, and for dinner we only have light snacks. We weigh every Sunday and we see that we lose some of our weight. I did walking everyday in the morning with my dog and do some dancing to shed off more weight.

First Vacation in Pinas

Last February of this year we went for a short vacation in my own native land. It was very short but worthwhile coz I happened to see again my family and friends. The first thing that I ever wanted was to see my parents and then secondly to have a foods that I usually have when was still there. I really miss my family and looking forward to see them again in the near future. Here are some of our pictures during our first trip in Pinas.

trying hard to make improvement here...

While visiting the blog site of other people it makes me wonder how they did it, their webpage are so cool, while mine... well still trying so hard to learn stuff on blogging and how to monetize it. That is why from now on i will be likely in front of computer during my free time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

new hair cut

I have this curly hair and want to get rid of it by trying different hair straightening product. One day I went to salon and asked the hairstylist what she can do with my hair to make it straight. She told me that she like my curly hair so I decided to have it trim instead. She suggested to use a PaulMitchelle hair products like the Serum and mousse, I bought it in the store and been using it every time I am using my hair flat iron to make my hair straight.


It is almost over but this year’s summer was not good, there was a wildfire and took a month before it was fully contained. Even the temperature is in hundred degree or ninety we did not feel the most heat. It looked like cloudy but it is not, it is by the smoke from the fire thus covered the sun. There are no blue skies for the past few weeks and can barely see the mountains. There are no much outdoor activities since the air was very hazardous and too risky for the health.
After a month the firefighters able to contained the fire but sadly to say that some of them lost their life in trying to save the forest and the people of the area.


she is 3mos old in this photo

Roxy is a mixed Boxer/Labrador or a boxedor; she is five months old now and getting bigger everyday. We got her when she was 2 months old; she is so pretty and so playful. The first month that we have her was good because she is not doing anything that annoy us, but as days go by she is always having a transformation from a quite puppy to being so playful and overly excited. She is becoming annoying by always biting us or nibbling or jumping, she is so hard to control especially if there are kids inside the house. With her behavior we decided to put her on a puppy training class so we can control her. The training is not only for her but also for me as I learned how to control her. Now she is doing pretty good and not so annoying anymore.

Crate Lake, Oregon

Hi guys! It’s been awhile since I updated my activities, was busy of doing things around the house and watching for my pup. Last weekend we went to Jacksonville, Oregon to visit mom-in-laws friend, we dropped her off at her friend’s house and we stayed at the hotel, it was not a good stay coz we heard noise from the next door and also the movement of elevator going up and down. The hotel was supposed to be a 3stars but for us it is not.
The whole day of Saturday we went to Crater Lake and was so fascinated by the crystal blue water, the first time I ever seen a blue lake, it is so nice! I really was enjoying the view and feel the beauty of God’s creation.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Two more days and we will be heading to Disneyland here in California and get to experience again being a kid. I cannot wait to see my favorite characters like Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and tinker bell. We will celebrate the Independence Day at the park and be able to see the spectacular fireworks at night. So exciting!

All by myself!!!

After getting my driver’s license I tried to drive alone going home from my husband’s office. Oh boy! It was so awesome! I felt freedom of the thought that I can go anytime I want. So nice that I can drive without being conscious that my husband will yell at me if I did not stop on stop sign but of course have to do it or else I will end up with a ticket. So just this afternoon I went to the town alone and went at a department store for a window shopping first time I ever did since I got here. It is so great to learn everything even how big the challenge it will be and in the end you will see the result, it can make us proud of ourselves and I feel it that way.

Driving…the greatest challenge in my life!

When I arrived here in my hubby’s place I know that I neither have to learn to drive nor need to drive as this is a major necessity here in America.
The first time I practiced was not scary since we only practiced at the university parking lot where there is no traffic or cars that has been park. I was thought how to do the maneuver, do the turns and be oriented on using the gears inside the car. Months later, after so much reading of Driver’s Handbook I decided to apply for a driver’s permit and take my written test. The first attempt was failed and so the second and the third test, then finally on my fourth retake I able to passed and got my driver’s permit.
So the formal lesson for driving begins and so the challenge, I enrolled for a driving school for me to able to learn fast. Having a real instructor is much different than having your husband on the passenger’s seat; the instructor was so calm and relaxes while giving instructions on the road while the husband was more nervous and easy to get upset and so much yelling happened inside the car. But I was so glad that we just let everything go as if nothing happen after my driving lesson.
As a first time driver, it was so challenging, There are times that I cried and trembling for being so scared and I cannot count the times that I want to gave up but my husband kept on telling me that if I am going to quit learning then I will be the bummer all my life and cannot go anywhere. It really made me realized that I need to learn and become so determined. And now finally I passed my road test with only four mistakes and able to get my driver’s license but of course the learning does not stop after passing the test but it is only the beginning. For now I just take the highway and streets since imp still not confident to drive on the freeway but in time I know that I can do it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Camping

Hi there fellow bloggers! It’s been a while since I haven’t updated my blog, well it’s because e just got back from our camping last weekend and so busy fixing things around the house and putting back again the camping stuff in the garage. It is not was not so easy for us to go on a tent camping since only me and my hubby are doing the tent. Were almost getting grumpy, we arrived at the campsite quite dark and we still have to set up the tent, but we still managed to set it up before our temper blow up. At first night, I and my stepson were a little bit scared, we heard some footsteps outside our tent, and we thought it’s a bear but it is not, gosh! We just don’t know what to do if the bear will go to attack our tent. It was chilly in the morning so we put a fire on the fire pit and seat in our lounge chair and enjoying watching fire. It was so relaxing just sitting and kicking back around, reading books, playing card and walking in the beach with our puppy Roxie. I also able to see a chipmunks in our camp, he is so cute and was looking for a food, called him Theodore from the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks".The Second day of our camping we went boating and the view was so spectacular! We did not able to swim in the lake coz it's so cold and a little windy that day, so we just enjoyed viewing the sight around the lake and see some houses. We definitely go back to camp again before the summer ends.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Camping

Today we are preparing the stuff for our camping next weekend. We got tent, airbed mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, lanterns, flashlights, mini-fan, stove, ice chests and more. I was laughing because i remembered my first camping/trail in the Pinas. It was really different because here in the US camping is still luxury and comfy while my experienced in Pinas, we had only tent, canned foods and a backpack.


When i was a teenager i always heard or read the word soulmate in every person who is looking for somebody. I was kind of curious and confuse of what really soulmate means. Even if my friends explained it to me i cannot still understand what does it really means for a person so i just said it to myself that maybe when the right time comes.
Destiny...Its the word that i was really confuse..maybe? Does people make his own destiny? I heard so many definitions and everyone has its own beliefs,. We as human is already pre-destined of something to happen in our life.
Some people commit mistakes because of the path that they chose to take or the decision that they make. There are also people who just wait and let fate lead them.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dream come true for Disneyland

Every kids young and adult loves to see Disneyland. To see their favorite cartoon characters and experience the adventure. I remember when i was a kid and even until now i still watching cartoon movies especially mickey mouse, cinderalla, sleeping beauty, anastasia and many many to mention.
And now finally i will be able to experience going to disneyland and see my favorite characters and go for an adventure and thrilling rides. I am so excited!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Filipino Dishes on the table

The First time i ever cooked as much as these. T'was so tiring but worthy after the appreciation i heard from my family here. My brother-in law likes the "lumpia" so much and requested that i will cook everytime he will come for a visit. Tuna Kinilaw was one of the dishes i made too and was so surprised that his GF who happened a Mexican told that Tuna Kinilaw is like as "Ceviche" in Mexican dish. I also discovered that kinilaw is also good for tortilla chips.

I also had Nilagang Baka w/ Bokchoy & Chayote and Sotanghon or Mung BEan STir Fry. My stepson had his first taste of Nilagang Baka and we were happy that he tried it. It was an effort for a kid to try a new food and i really appreciated it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Life in the USA

They say that living in the land of milk and honey is the greatest opportunity to live with…which is really true.
When I was still in the
Philippinesand waiting for my fiancĂ© visa I was wondering if I can adjust myself so easily to the culture… I used to be surrounded by friends, family and relatives; I used to go by on my own if I felt bored at home. I have so many people whom I can talk to anytime I want and can even go to a friend’s house…but those were changed since I arrived here in
Californiawith my loving husband. Everything has changed the way I live here.
The first week I arrived here was really exciting; I enjoyed the view, its clean and most of all no dirt roads. We had our first dinner on the way home from
San Francisco
Airportat Black Bear Restaurant, one of my hubby’s favorite restaurants. I remembered I ordered a steak (medium well) and it comes with a mashed potato, when our food arrived I was so shock to see the huge platter being served by us, it can feed three people just in one order I have, my eyes got big and was thinking how I going to eat those foods! Here in America everything is huge, even people…and that’s because of the foods that we ate. American people are used of wasting foods and I was kind of guilty coz I know that in some part of the country there are people who doesn’t have foods to eat, but that’s the reality…its their consolation of having a hard work. They lived very comfortably and have nice houses… but beyond all those there are some people whom we called “homeless” people that live on a street, begging foods and money.
I am here for six months already and have a lot of changes happened in my life. Before I was thinking how it will be to live in a nice and comfortable house, sleeping in a nice and soft bed. Having so many foods and can do whatever I want to do. Now it answered my wandering. Yes it is so nice to live in such comfortable house and sleeping on a very comfortable bed. While I am here I am thinking of my family way back and wishing that I can share to them what I am having here in



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Love is Sweeter the second time around

They say that there is always room for the second chance to be happy, finding the right man (after being failed of the previous relationship)and a second chance to make a good decision.
I never been succeeded in my previous marriage since he was died of Renal Disease. Our marriage took only for 1 year and those were more on companionship, we never experienced a normal relationship like dating, going out with friends and have fun since he was on a dialysis the time we started our relationship. It was a constant feeling. The decision of committing myself to him was became complicated. It made hard feelings between me and my parents...some people were saying that its foolishness to commit myself to an illed man but my reason was to give happiness for the last time he stayed here on earth. I had hope that he can survived but he wasnt.. so in a year i lost him and i was back being a single again.
For the second time being single again makes a lot of difference. It makes me more serious in life and made having a fearful feelings of committing myself again. Thanks to my dearest friends and my beloved parentswho lift up my spirit and boost my confidence and encouraged me to find the right man.
Yes... with determination and confidence i found now my soul mate, my bestfriend and a husband that i can be with in this journey of life.
We wed May 19th of 2007 and exchange our "I do's" around 4:18pm at Arch of the Angel Chapel in reno, Nevada. It was a simple wedding and yet very memorable for us. Now, we are looking forward for 5 years to renew our vows...I believe now that there is always a second chance if we have determination and faith in God seeking what we want and to achieve the goal that we set.
...Live life to the fullest for we only live once....