Wednesday, August 6, 2008

new hair cut

I have this curly hair and want to get rid of it by trying different hair straightening product. One day I went to salon and asked the hairstylist what she can do with my hair to make it straight. She told me that she like my curly hair so I decided to have it trim instead. She suggested to use a PaulMitchelle hair products like the Serum and mousse, I bought it in the store and been using it every time I am using my hair flat iron to make my hair straight.


It is almost over but this year’s summer was not good, there was a wildfire and took a month before it was fully contained. Even the temperature is in hundred degree or ninety we did not feel the most heat. It looked like cloudy but it is not, it is by the smoke from the fire thus covered the sun. There are no blue skies for the past few weeks and can barely see the mountains. There are no much outdoor activities since the air was very hazardous and too risky for the health.
After a month the firefighters able to contained the fire but sadly to say that some of them lost their life in trying to save the forest and the people of the area.


she is 3mos old in this photo

Roxy is a mixed Boxer/Labrador or a boxedor; she is five months old now and getting bigger everyday. We got her when she was 2 months old; she is so pretty and so playful. The first month that we have her was good because she is not doing anything that annoy us, but as days go by she is always having a transformation from a quite puppy to being so playful and overly excited. She is becoming annoying by always biting us or nibbling or jumping, she is so hard to control especially if there are kids inside the house. With her behavior we decided to put her on a puppy training class so we can control her. The training is not only for her but also for me as I learned how to control her. Now she is doing pretty good and not so annoying anymore.

Crate Lake, Oregon

Hi guys! It’s been awhile since I updated my activities, was busy of doing things around the house and watching for my pup. Last weekend we went to Jacksonville, Oregon to visit mom-in-laws friend, we dropped her off at her friend’s house and we stayed at the hotel, it was not a good stay coz we heard noise from the next door and also the movement of elevator going up and down. The hotel was supposed to be a 3stars but for us it is not.
The whole day of Saturday we went to Crater Lake and was so fascinated by the crystal blue water, the first time I ever seen a blue lake, it is so nice! I really was enjoying the view and feel the beauty of God’s creation.