Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trying to Learn on blogging

I am a member of a forum called WOF in short and was at Bisaya Section when somebody posted about making a blog and how to earn on it. I got my interest and I chatted with Gladys and asked heron how to do it. Since then I made some articles about my new life here and some of my daily activities. Later on I became discontented with the outlook of my blog site so I kept on changing the templates but still it looks boring to me. So asked again another friend from the forum, her name is Flor, and as usual she shared again her knowledge about it, so another gathered information. But today I happened to make a Link from other bloggers but I could not make it so I find way to fix the problem but still I cant solve it, so I decided to browse on the forum again to find posts about bloggers, then I found one and she gave he YM, so I added her and asked her if she can help me, so she did! She re-do my blog site and I was so happy. I am so glad to find a person who share their knowledge and help to the best of their ability. God Bless you All!!!!

Some necessary things

I noticed that this year we so much expenses. We purchased a used KIA 2007 model. It is necessary for me to have a car so I can drive around whenever I need something or if I can have a job, then after passing my road test and got my driver’s license I still need to get an insurance which cost again another bucks. We had our vacations at Philippines for seven days, it is so short but worthwhile anyway. Then summer came; we had our camping, vacation at Disneyland, a short weekend trip at Oregon and now for the coming weekend we will be going for a camping. Just yesterday we bought a water heater tank since our old tank ruptured and we cannot just ignored it but needed to replace it right away so we can use hot water. These expenses I think is upsetting but we don’t have a choice since some are really necessary, so now we keep on budgeting and no shopping for awhile.