Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Two more days and we will be heading to Disneyland here in California and get to experience again being a kid. I cannot wait to see my favorite characters like Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and tinker bell. We will celebrate the Independence Day at the park and be able to see the spectacular fireworks at night. So exciting!

All by myself!!!

After getting my driver’s license I tried to drive alone going home from my husband’s office. Oh boy! It was so awesome! I felt freedom of the thought that I can go anytime I want. So nice that I can drive without being conscious that my husband will yell at me if I did not stop on stop sign but of course have to do it or else I will end up with a ticket. So just this afternoon I went to the town alone and went at a department store for a window shopping first time I ever did since I got here. It is so great to learn everything even how big the challenge it will be and in the end you will see the result, it can make us proud of ourselves and I feel it that way.

Driving…the greatest challenge in my life!

When I arrived here in my hubby’s place I know that I neither have to learn to drive nor need to drive as this is a major necessity here in America.
The first time I practiced was not scary since we only practiced at the university parking lot where there is no traffic or cars that has been park. I was thought how to do the maneuver, do the turns and be oriented on using the gears inside the car. Months later, after so much reading of Driver’s Handbook I decided to apply for a driver’s permit and take my written test. The first attempt was failed and so the second and the third test, then finally on my fourth retake I able to passed and got my driver’s permit.
So the formal lesson for driving begins and so the challenge, I enrolled for a driving school for me to able to learn fast. Having a real instructor is much different than having your husband on the passenger’s seat; the instructor was so calm and relaxes while giving instructions on the road while the husband was more nervous and easy to get upset and so much yelling happened inside the car. But I was so glad that we just let everything go as if nothing happen after my driving lesson.
As a first time driver, it was so challenging, There are times that I cried and trembling for being so scared and I cannot count the times that I want to gave up but my husband kept on telling me that if I am going to quit learning then I will be the bummer all my life and cannot go anywhere. It really made me realized that I need to learn and become so determined. And now finally I passed my road test with only four mistakes and able to get my driver’s license but of course the learning does not stop after passing the test but it is only the beginning. For now I just take the highway and streets since imp still not confident to drive on the freeway but in time I know that I can do it.