Friday, May 16, 2008

Life in the USA

They say that living in the land of milk and honey is the greatest opportunity to live with…which is really true.
When I was still in the
Philippinesand waiting for my fiancĂ© visa I was wondering if I can adjust myself so easily to the culture… I used to be surrounded by friends, family and relatives; I used to go by on my own if I felt bored at home. I have so many people whom I can talk to anytime I want and can even go to a friend’s house…but those were changed since I arrived here in
Californiawith my loving husband. Everything has changed the way I live here.
The first week I arrived here was really exciting; I enjoyed the view, its clean and most of all no dirt roads. We had our first dinner on the way home from
San Francisco
Airportat Black Bear Restaurant, one of my hubby’s favorite restaurants. I remembered I ordered a steak (medium well) and it comes with a mashed potato, when our food arrived I was so shock to see the huge platter being served by us, it can feed three people just in one order I have, my eyes got big and was thinking how I going to eat those foods! Here in America everything is huge, even people…and that’s because of the foods that we ate. American people are used of wasting foods and I was kind of guilty coz I know that in some part of the country there are people who doesn’t have foods to eat, but that’s the reality…its their consolation of having a hard work. They lived very comfortably and have nice houses… but beyond all those there are some people whom we called “homeless” people that live on a street, begging foods and money.
I am here for six months already and have a lot of changes happened in my life. Before I was thinking how it will be to live in a nice and comfortable house, sleeping in a nice and soft bed. Having so many foods and can do whatever I want to do. Now it answered my wandering. Yes it is so nice to live in such comfortable house and sleeping on a very comfortable bed. While I am here I am thinking of my family way back and wishing that I can share to them what I am having here in