Friday, August 8, 2008


When there is so much food it is so hard to stick on a diet. I and my husband really need to go on diet to lose weight. We are doing only 2 meals; breakfast and lunch, and for dinner we only have light snacks. We weigh every Sunday and we see that we lose some of our weight. I did walking everyday in the morning with my dog and do some dancing to shed off more weight.

First Vacation in Pinas

Last February of this year we went for a short vacation in my own native land. It was very short but worthwhile coz I happened to see again my family and friends. The first thing that I ever wanted was to see my parents and then secondly to have a foods that I usually have when was still there. I really miss my family and looking forward to see them again in the near future. Here are some of our pictures during our first trip in Pinas.

trying hard to make improvement here...

While visiting the blog site of other people it makes me wonder how they did it, their webpage are so cool, while mine... well still trying so hard to learn stuff on blogging and how to monetize it. That is why from now on i will be likely in front of computer during my free time.