Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Filipino Dishes on the table

The First time i ever cooked as much as these. T'was so tiring but worthy after the appreciation i heard from my family here. My brother-in law likes the "lumpia" so much and requested that i will cook everytime he will come for a visit. Tuna Kinilaw was one of the dishes i made too and was so surprised that his GF who happened a Mexican told that Tuna Kinilaw is like as "Ceviche" in Mexican dish. I also discovered that kinilaw is also good for tortilla chips.

I also had Nilagang Baka w/ Bokchoy & Chayote and Sotanghon or Mung BEan STir Fry. My stepson had his first taste of Nilagang Baka and we were happy that he tried it. It was an effort for a kid to try a new food and i really appreciated it.