Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mexican Foods

Taco and burrito are one of my husband’s favorite Mexican foods. Those foods are top of my recipe. My first reaction for refried beans was I felt so gross because of the smell; it has a smell that similar to body odor...(yucks!!)But still I tried it. In my thoughts, dried fish has stronger aroma but still yummy so as the beans, but later on I began to love it especially in my burritos or a side dish. Fajitas are also the best. Makes me hungry now guys!!


Almost everyday I kept on thinking of what kind of recipe I am going to make. My husband is American so I have to consider his taste when it comes to food. But luckily there is no much problem with our taste. He is not so picky and so I am and preparing foods for him is not that hard on my part. But since the recipes that I am familiar to cook with is not much available here, I have to look for some recipe on a cookbook, magazines or in the internet, somehow I able to find some recipes that we like and click to our taste.