Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer Camping

Today we are preparing the stuff for our camping next weekend. We got tent, airbed mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, lanterns, flashlights, mini-fan, stove, ice chests and more. I was laughing because i remembered my first camping/trail in the Pinas. It was really different because here in the US camping is still luxury and comfy while my experienced in Pinas, we had only tent, canned foods and a backpack.


When i was a teenager i always heard or read the word soulmate in every person who is looking for somebody. I was kind of curious and confuse of what really soulmate means. Even if my friends explained it to me i cannot still understand what does it really means for a person so i just said it to myself that maybe when the right time comes.
Destiny...Its the word that i was really confuse..maybe? Does people make his own destiny? I heard so many definitions and everyone has its own beliefs,. We as human is already pre-destined of something to happen in our life.
Some people commit mistakes because of the path that they chose to take or the decision that they make. There are also people who just wait and let fate lead them.